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Our Partner



Kyle Roberts Designs has decided to partner with Toronto and Region Conservation Foundation and join one of their programs called, "Look After Where You Live". By joining this program we have decided to participate in some of the outings and donate to the cause. For every online sale from Kyle Roberts Designs, we will be donate $5.00 to Toronto Region Conservation Foundation.


This program is designed to make a difference in our community by:

  • Invasive species removal
  • Wildflower and pollinator planting and care
  • Shoreline clean up
  • Trail and meadow restoration
  • Habitat structure creation
  • Tree health monitoring and mulching
  • Tree planting

A little about Toronto and Region Conservation Foundation

"Toronto and Region Conservation Foundation, together with Toronto and Region Conservation Authority, own more than 43,000 acres of protected land in the Greater Toronto Region. With a proven track record and over 60 years of on-the-ground experience, we continue to make a positive impact in our communities and have numerous environmental activities to suit your needs". 


Areas Of Greater Need

  • The Meadoway in Scarborough – this is a 10 year program that will be planting 1 million stems across the meadoway returning it back to a natural meadow ecosystem Did you know that the meadow/prairie ecosystem is the most endangered in the world? This project will be returning 500+ acres to this natural state spanning from Rouge Urban National Park to the Don Valley.
  • Black Creek Pioneer Village -  At Black Creek Pioneer Village, visitors are invited to step back in time to experience a working village, typical of those established in South Central Ontario between the 1790s and the 1860s. Along with benefiting thousands of public visitors through innovative, hands-on family programs, the Village is a leader in school learning. Each year, 50,000 students visit Black Creek Pioneer Village to take part in fun and educational curriculum-linked programs. With more than ten unique gardens, heritage-breed farm animals, historical artifacts and beautifully restored heritage buildings, Black Creek Pioneer Village preserves the past while helping us better understand the present.
  • Tommy Thompson Park –  This started park started by accidental wilderness and it has been formed over the past 60+ years. It is home to countless birds and animals and is a Nationally recognized IBA (Important Bird Area) With your support here, invasive plant species can be removed making way for the planting of native species that provide both food sources and habitat for birds on their migratory journey as well as the thousands that call the park home.
  • Toronto Waterfront – Tiny trash, and plastics have an incredible impact  on the local birds, fish and turtle species. In 2018 TRCA removed 38,894lbs of trash from the Lake Ontario waterfront.

Please look at the following links to see some of the work that TRCA done with partner groups in the past year


To find out more information about this program or get in contact with TRCA, Please click on the link