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About Kyle Roberts

About Kyle Roberts 

The right accessory can mean a world of difference. It can be the difference between an ordinary outfit and something special. The difference to help you stand out from the crowd. The difference you need to feel more confident on that first date. The truth is, it can make you feel a lot of things, but it all starts with a choice. Forging modern innovation with classical techniques, I launched Kyle Roberts Designs to create a daring style for those who prefer to live life on their own terms. Every bracelet in the collection is designed with the modern world at heart and one simple goal: to help others find their own style. Each bracelet symbolizes a different style, while the semi-precious stone bracelets focus on different aura's. 

Growing up an only child, I was introduced into a chaotic world fuelled by the divorce of my parents that led to a series of foster homes and temporary arrangements. Later, after reconnecting with my father, I was forced out of school because of a series of bad decisions, which led myself to being kicked out at the age of 12. Without much guidance, I attempted to rebuild my life and continue my education. Because of my tumultuous journey, I didn’t fit into any group or style. I was a mismatch of pieces and observations I’d picked up along the way. But rather than seeing this as a burden, I saw this as an opportunity, a chance to do something daring. Intent on embracing my differences and creating my own trends, I entered into the world of fashion later on in life, where I was exposed to some of the most unique artists creating jewelry that dared to be unique. Inspired by their passion, I began creating my own pieces, striving to create a legacy of bold design and the freedom of self-expression. Carefully crafted with the finest materials and hand-selected stones, each bracelet in my collection was created to help others express themselves, as uniquely as they need to.

But I also believe in standing out in more ways than one. So whatever it is – whether it’s a night out or a quiet occasion with that special someone – don’t settle for ordinary. Embrace who you are and dare to be unique with a bracelet that was designed with you in mind. For the ones who follow their own path, this is for you. — Kyle Roberts, Creator and Designer


 — Kyle Roberts, Founder and Designer